Our Mission

To help people in difficult economic situations by providing high-quality tax controversy services.

The North Georgia Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (NGA LITC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to helping low-income people and families in its community achieve financial independence by conducting educational events and outreach activities to provide information about tax issues and providing direct representation and assistance for low-income individuals and families experiencing tax controversies.

The NGA LITC provides services to people and families of all races and ethnicities across the state, and our primary outreach efforts are targeted towards Hispanic, Latinx, immigrant, and refugee communities in metro Atlanta and North Georgia.

Over the past year, the NGA LITC has represented more than 100 low-income clients in a range of tax matters. We have helped our clients reduce or compromise more than $800,000 in tax liabilities and obtain more than $40,000 in refunds, and we have provided information about important tax topics to many more through outreach events and the distribution of educational materials. This assistance has helped our clients remain in homes, keep children in school, and pursue new career opportunities.

234 Luckie Street

Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Phone: (678) 646-5661

Toll Free: (888) 267-6891


501(c)(3) nonprofit - EIN: 83-0955866